Trak is a modern case tracking platform, with two main parts:

  • The administration interface, used by clerks at the institution
  • The public interface, used by the public, people external to the institution

Administration interface

Institution clerks do their work at or with the TrakCodesAdmin app.

During initial configuration, create a process. You simply need to name it.

A process stands for a business process at your institution, for which external users:

  • open a new case,
  • wait for the case to be processed,
  • pick up the result once it is ready

A process in Trak has two main buttons:

  • A button used to scan incoming cases.
    This is the very first thing done by clerks for every new case.

  • A button for scanning completed cases.
    You can also move a case to an intermediary step.

Cases are scanned from the interface, using a smartphone camera, or a webcam connected to a computer.

When a clerk scans a new case, they need to ask the user to scan the same code, so they can follow their case.

The app lets you generate codes that can be printed and added to cases (35 codes per A4 paper).

Public interface

Users access Trak using the public interface at or the TrakCodes app.

It’s a web site, accessible anywhere. Smartphone users can also install the mobile app from app stores.

User can setup Trak, as they wish, to receive case update by notification (on smartphones), by SMS, by email, etc.

Try it right now!

Try Trak right now, for free, with no commitment.

Go to the administration interface, create a process, then a new case (using the code below) for the process:

Then, go to the public interface (on the same device or on another one), as a user, and scan the code for the new case: Enable notifications using the provided instructions (or setup another communication method like SMS, email, etc.)

Go back to the administration interface and scan the code above to mark the case as done: You'll instantly receive a notification on the user device!

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