Do you have an affiliation of marketing partnership program?
Yes! Contact us at to earn money while making administrations around you more efficient.

Who foots the bills for Trak?
Various formulas are available: the institution can pay, end users can pay, etc. Contact us to find the best formula for your situation.

Do I need a special device to scan codes?
No! Any smartphone can be used, or a simple webcam connected to a computer.

What if the user doesn’t have a smartphone?
You can directly add the user’s email or SMS to their case. You can also give them a copy of the code, on paper, which they can later enter into their smartphone or computer.

What if the codes are repeated?
The codes have been designed to never repeat! As long us you generate new codes on our web site, there will never be any repetition, and every case will be unique.

Contact us at or leave us your email address.