Features you’ll love

Simples gestures

Updating a case only requires holding it’s code in from of a smartphone camera, or a webcam.

Groundbreaking efficiency

Thanks to fast optical recognition, clerks can update up to 20 cases per minute!

Use existing devices

Clerks only need what they already have: a smartphone, or a webcam-equipped computer.

Accessible to all

No matter how much computerized your business processes are, Trak brings value, right away.

Rediscover your processes

Trak provides statistics on your business processes, day after day.

Flexible payments

Your institution can pay for Trak, or you can make your clients foot the bill.

Delight your clients

Your client only need the code to get updates about their case.

With a smartphone, it’s as easy as taking a picture!

Clients get updates about their case by notification (smartphones), SMS, email, etc. It’s up to them!

They can check their case status, anytime, at trak.codes, too.

It is possible, though not necessary, to install the TrakCodes app on their smartphone.

If you decide so, your clients can be kept up to date with all processing steps of their case. Better, they instantly know when their case is blocked because of a missing document!

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